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What we do


Plan it as you think:

Write in your mother tongue; we write your text in any language: act locally, be global.

Multi-purpose linguistic services in every context: General, Business, Legal, Medical, Financial, Banking, Engineering, IT, Constructions, Pharmaceutical, Academic, Administrative, and many more. Whether it is preparation of your thesis or your speech, localisation of online applications, subtitling of your presentation’s video or preparation and publication of your texts, we support you with a full range of accurate and fast services: Translation, Localization, Transcription, Writing, Editing, and DTP.



Plan it as you speak:

We become your voice in their language!


Professional ​Interpretation Services: Simultaneous, Business, Consecutive, Sign, Escort for entrepreneurs



Plan it as you plug and play:

Strong technical know-how.


Audiovisual support, Translation booths, Events consulting: our clients are thankful for the peace of mind we provide by handling such important details as equipment, sound technicians, and thorough logistical support for every event.

24 hours - 7 days
Customer Support






Your image is you!



Creative ​Graphic Design Services:

Branding, Logo and Visual Identity,

Business cards, Web design, Brochures, Company profiles, Advertising Concept & Slogan, Event Communication

Plan it as you’ve planned:

You are made to be cosmopolitan.


Continue trusting us for:
​• Training for linguists

Postgraduate courses for interpreters and translators

Training for language learners

Training for travelling businesspeople

Fast track familiarisation with the language,  

   customs and culture of the countries you visit


Plan it as you wish:

You are not a stranger, you are yourself wherever you go.


Plan your tours with us when visiting Athens, Brussels or Istanbul: enjoy alternative city experiences by day or by night during your short or long business or leisure stays. Integrate some linguistic and cultural knowledge into your business trips and enjoy the city as if you were a local.

We guide you, we accompany you, we show all you want to see!

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